Quit sending emails like a dinosaur.

Check out beehiiv, we love em.

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Quit sending emails like a dinosaur.

It’s the year 2024 and all the top newsletters are using beehiiv.

beehiiv was created by the same early Morning Brew employees who scaled their daily email to over 4 million subscribers. And now every newsletter on beehiiv has access to the same tools and winning formula.

So what exactly does beehiiv offer?

  • World-class growth tools like the referral program and recommendation network

  • Monetization via the beehiiv Ad Network and premium subscriptions (i.e. beehiiv helps you get paid)

  • Seamless content creation with a sleek collaborative editor

  • Best-in-class inbox deliverability of 98.7%

  • Oh and it’s the most affordable by a mile…

Take your newsletter to the next level — get started for free.

Hope you don’t mind guys, but beehiiv wanted us to send this to you and we love em, so we did, now we know it an offsite promo, but if you do click a link we get a few pennies off our next bill, so win, win, and honestly, if your ever want to send your own newsletter, we can’t recommend them enough, so until our next issue, lets all enjoy the sunshine before a meteor crashes on the planet and we all become extinct anyway.

Till that day comes, all the very best, guys.
From all the dinosaurs we have working here at team interful.